GLOCAL / 全球性在地化

GLOBAL is a familiar term for everyone in daily life, the worldwide internet has provided multiple accesses for various of information, Computer techniques had given the building form and architectural planning a tremendous evolution and transformation during this so called “Global Era”. China and Mid-East area are two of the most obvious regions that facing this phenomena. However, is this really the essence of architectural transforming and evolution process?

From our point of view, those two regions has their architecture big bang during recent years and absorbs all the buildings from western thinking has turned themselves into an experimental fields fill with alien shells in the city. Those identical and international style shells eventually make the regions lose its culture diversity and become boring and vapidity.

LOCAL is a term that links to cultural background, the variety of the environment and cultural specialties are the significant elements that impulse architectural revolution and transformation. Take Japan, Italy for instances, many famous architects are inspired by their local architectures based on the unique local environment back in time. In other words, the regional characters should always be the foundation and challenge for architectural design to fit in the basic needs for the local culture.

GLOCAL / Global+Local is our attitude for living, and architecture indeed is a space that offers it. We hope to provide more design possibilities by studying the character of different living essence instead of forcing a different living habit to fit in an international building form and turn ourselves into an international building maker. After years of travelling and working experiences all over the world, we try to truly realize the spirit and character of Taiwan’s architecture, which is full of unique appearance and vitality that is so special than other places around the world.

Being a resident of Asia and a well oversea educated and experienced architect, we hope our background is able to play an important role during current architectural revolution in this global era. We believe that design shall not only be focusing on esthetic forms, formal analysis nor digital parameter calculation; we do believe that architecture design should be a process based on living , culture, history, surroundings, and environment which were formed and generated through time. Therefore, we do hope that our design intention could positively response to the essence of local elements and also to express its era's global hallmark.

GLOBAL 是地球村全球化世代耳熟能詳的字眼,網路的發達成就了更多資訊取得的方式,電腦軟體的普及也在全球化趨勢下,對建築式樣有躍進式的改變。 中國地區與中東地區就是兩個建築大躍近最明顯的例子。 然而這真的是建築本質應有的演化過程嗎? 過度的吸收使得這兩各區域被稱作數位建築的試驗場,而當建築淪為全球化量產的制式產物時,千篇一律的國際樣式反而使這種相對於在地的異質化枯燥乏味。

LOCAL 是生活中相依相偎的文化背景,各地不一樣的環境與人文生活特質是參與建築演化的主要因素。 以日本、義大利為例,當地的建築在特殊時空背景下,反而是很多建築大師朝拜的對象與靈感的泉源。 換句話說,區域性的本質理當是建築新形態不可或缺的挑戰,亦是”生活”中不可或缺的文化基底。

GLOCAL / Global+Local 是我們面對”生活”的基本態度,而建築確確實實是一個提供生活的場地,我們希望透過生活的特質給予建築一個新的可能性,而不是一味的讓不同的生活特質來適應一個新的建築式樣,而淪為國際樣式的製造機。這些年在國際工作經驗下,我們更能體會台灣建築物所充滿的生命力,這樣的建築特質在我們工作、旅行的經驗下,更顯其地方的特殊性。

身為亞洲的公民與多年海外的國際經驗與海外所受教育者,我們相信這樣的背景與經驗,將在全球化洪流中,扮演著建築演化的重要媒介。 我們深信設計不應侷限於美學形式上的操作,不應只是制式設計邏輯上的演練、數位化工具的操作或教條式的規劃分析,而是來自於對環境在時間脈絡上的探討。 希望透過設計,我們能夠努力回應人文、文化、歷史、環境與時間在基地上的建築定位與特性。